The Goliath

The Goliath

Price: $8,995

The Goliath playset is a monster of a backyard swingset. This set comes complete with almost every feature we offer.


The Goliath playset is one of the biggest sets we offer. With two 6′ x 6′ forts and a 6′ wide bridge between the two, this set has one of the largest playing areas of all our sets. In addition, there is a lower 6′ x 6′ deck with railings on 3 sides.

Along with our normal 8′ climbing ramp, the Goliath Playset offers our biggest rock climbing wall as a entrance into the upper fort. The rock wall is 4′ wide and 7′ tall.

This set has a 14′ scoop slide coming from the 6′ high fort which is the biggest slide that we offer. Also, there is a fire pole for a second exit point from the fort.

The 12′ monkey bars offer three swing positions, which come with two belt swings and a trapeze bar as the standard accessories. If you want to substitute or add any additional accessories look at our Playset accessories page. You can use the multiple swing positions and create a custom swingset design that is perfect for your children’s needs.

At Swing Time Outdoors, each playset we make is designed with your child’s safety in mind. The Goliath Playset offers four safety handles at the needed entry points to help your children safely enter and exit the playset.


(1) 6′ x 6′ fort at 5′ tall with
upper playhouse enclosure
(1) 6′ x 6′ fort at 6′ tall
8′ long 6′ wide deck between the
2 forts at 6′ tall
14′ scoop slide
7′ tall rock wall at 4′ wide
12′ monkey bars
Climbing ramp
2 Belt swings
6′ x 6′ lower deck with rails
Fireman’s pole
Tire swing underneath 5′ tall fort
Steering wheel